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Installation of the water heater: features

Not every city apartment has hot water in summer. Fortunately, the installation of a high-quality water heater allows you to solve this problem. Since the installation of stationary type water heaters is a very relevant service nowadays, this article will be devoted to it.First of all, you need to determine a place that will be perfect for installing this equipment. The ideal option is a point between the bathroom and the kitchen. People often choose a bathroom as such a place. This arrangement of the water heater is extremely successful.If the water heater is installed far from the water intake point, there will definitely be a problem associated with heat loss. Having determined the location of the device, you can begin installation, which involves several stages.As part of the first stage, it is necessary to install a water heater, guided by the installation scheme. It can be found in the accompanying documents. Most often, for this purpose, it is necessary to drill several holes in the wall, insert dowels there and fix the water heating equipment.The second stage of work is reduced to the supply of cold water and its distribution after heating. As part of this work, you need to crash into the current water supply system. As for the connection, it can be carried out by means of metal pipes or flexible hoses. You can choose the option at your discretion, guided by your preferences.During the third and final stage, the water heating equipment must be connected to the electrical network. When carrying out electrical installation work, it is necessary to comply with a number of requirements and rules, as well as take into account the specifics of connecting this kind of equipment.It is important to remember that the water heater is quite powerful equipment. The power limits of some models can reach 30 kW. As for the wiring that is present in modern apartments, it is simply not designed for such devices. Therefore, it is possible that in order to provide the water heater with energy, you will need to stretch an additional cable from the electrical panel.Surely, you have managed to make sure that the installation of a water heater is not difficult. But after all the work is done, your apartment will always have hot water, except for those moments when there will be no electricity in the house. Crazy Time is the most exciting Live Casino game for today. This is a brand new game show with a huge reel with lots of bonus features. Play at Crazy Time casino now, full magic in every spin! The game contains many bonus and welcome offers for both new players and regular customers.