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How to optimise and promote an 18+ adult website

Promotion of adult sites 

Well-known resources like Pander (our client, by the way!) don't need any more advertising, while new sites find it difficult to get to the top. Classical methods do not work with XXX: contextual advertising is out of the question. Google, Yandex, Bing and lesser-known search engines have tabooed advertising promotion of adult themes.

Social networking sites also reject advertisements that even hint at erotica (naked body parts, nipples), let alone anything more profound. Skilful people find workarounds: they buy accounts or untwist fake ones, substitute creatives (cloaking) - a user sees one picture, a bot or a moderator sees another. But this does not apply to SEO-promotion, and porn sites are perfectly indexed in natural search according to the general rules. Teaser ads are doing well: users click on the ads quite easily, the conversion rate in the 18+ theme is one of the highest. SEO-competition, accordingly, is high and very tough. All adalt content can be divided into: video; audio; chat rooms; sex dating sites; texts and erotic stories; games. By the way, sex shops are also classified as XXX-themed. On the marketplaces, it is allowed to buy and sell toys and other paraphernalia, but the buyer has to prove that he is of legal age and there are card rules for suppliers. Content can also be divided into male and female: the former are more interested in videos and real communication with models, while women are more active in reading stories and chatting online.

Monetization of adult website 

There are 4 classic ways to monetize adult projects: sale of goods: sex toys, suits, furniture (or selling leads for them); VIP-account with access to hidden content or other privileges; advertisement teasers and banners, links on pages of adult site; PopUnder or PopUp background windows: while opening the site, the advertiser's site is opened in the window. The choice depends on the type of site, the features, and the ability to translate virtual actions into real money. Mature projects bring high profits with small investments. Breaking into the top 10 is not the main goal, it is much more important to try to stay there. Competitors may help drive the project under the filter - although in what field is now different?

Internal optimization site 18+ 

Promoting xx-theme in the long term, you will face the main and hindering problem of external optimization - the difficulty of creating a reference profile. Reputable resources refuse to place sites for adults because of the high probability of bans or filters, because these links will adversely affect the reputation of the donor. But there is a way out, and it is not new: start with a competitor analysis. Collect 10-15 sites that are similar to what you want to do. Analyze key points: design; content design; article content; underage protection; monetization methods. Their link profile can also be "peeked" using additional services used by webmasters and SEO specialists. This will allow you to find donors to place backlinks. Also, explore the link exchanges: some are happy to cooperate with adalt-theme. Apply to thematic resources can be directly: write to the contacts of forums, information sites and offer a resource for placement. It is better that these were links from the home page or eternal links in the articles. SEO promotion of adult websites is no different from any other resource. We use the classic white methods: we collect the semantic core. We refine clusters so that 2 search queries do not overlap in one article, on the basis of NBF we make up ToR for texts, create a content plan and strictly follow it, we fill the site with optimized texts (cards, descriptions), prescribe quality meta tags (Title, handles, titles), set up internal relinking, if necessary we add conversion blocks, increase link mass, make sure that pages with 404 errors and duplicates do not appear. This is a long and labor-intensive process, which in a couple of months will begin to yield the first results. But do not forget that the subject - banned, which means competitors will use dirty tricks that no one will complain. The leaders are unlikely to want to share traffic, preferring to drive the competitor under the filter. Grey methods are methods that are not prohibited, but may lead to unpleasant consequences. Satellites are often used to promote the adalt theme. For the wrong ones, however, you can get banned. Yes, such that it is easier to create a new site than to pull the old one. The unpredictability of the method calls into question its effectiveness.

Better invest the time/cost and create a blog - fresh content is well-received by search engines and users alike. Regular content that is interesting and useful (as far as the topic can be useful), optimised for search queries, will increase the targeted traffic. This can include erotic stories and histories, a personal blog with tips and reviews of toys, etc. Social networks can be promoted in parallel: adult groups, for example, live quite successfully in a closed format. Zen channels, by the way, can also be on erotic topics: the only thing is that such articles will not fall into the general feed and you can only find them on the internal search. Viral content can also give quick and good results: you can throw some "chip" to YouTube on okotematy - popularity and conversions literally fall on the site, if the content hits.

Difficulties of promotion: what you have to deal with 

The first thing the owner or a professional who plans to promote 18+ topics should familiarize themselves with is legislation and filters. The laws have sections describing what is considered acceptable erotica, and where pornography, the publication of which can lead to prosecution. If a site gets on the register, it will not be accessible to users. This can be avoided by studying the law in advance and creating content in strict compliance with the requirements: install a pop-up window with an age limit, warn of adult themes in the text, and so on. That's what one of our xxx clients Bordelero does. Although, particularly envious competitors can always find something to complain about. That is why we recommend registering domains on foreign hosting sites and creating mirrors to avoid losing traffic. The third problem is copyright. If you are going to post photo and video content, you will need legal advice.